Your own independent Approved Compliance Expert

By choosing Clinic of Compliance You receive dedicated team of independent, certified compliance experts, who are ready and fully qualified to support Your organisation on every field of its activity, in particular in the scope of:

  • regular evaluation and constant improvement of implemented CMS
  • monitoring the legal environment, information of current state of law, interpretation and application of legal provisions, translation of legal requirements into the organisation
  • clarifying legal and organisational problems
  • monitoring, control and evaluation of non-compliance risks
  • receiving reports on potential breaches, irregularities and frauds
  • incidents management (including conducting internal investigations and exploratory talks)
  • contact with market regulators, offices and law enforcement authorities
  • third parties relationship management (including regular verification of business partners and counterparties)
  • preparation of Compliance Plans (programmes concerning short- or long-term activities in the scope of providing the organisation with compliance), recommendations on corrective measures, opinions, reports, records of internal investigations and exploratory talks, reports for organisation’s management and supervisory bodies
  • keeping documentation and records concerning i.a.: incidents, irregularities, “red flags” (fraud symptoms), conflict of interest, gifts (benefits)

Independent Approved Compliance Expert

Save Your time and entrust compliance management to the expert team of Clinic of Compliance