Due Diligence

Verification of Your business partners and counterparties

Growing competition on the market and financial results pressure increase risk appetite, willingness to carry out abuses, to operate unethically or even unlawfully. Every organisation is exposed to the risk of cooperation with unreliable business partners or counterparties.

Verification of third parties is one of the major CMS elements – it’s a fuse protecting against both measurable financial loss and severe image losses.

Aims and advantages of Due Diligence process:

  • strengthening protection against entities that do not comply with law rules, principles of morality or commercial practices
  • prevention of the risk concerning the infection of violations – exposition to an unaware participation in such practises as: money laundering, terrorist financing, carousel frauds with VAT
  • fulfilling the duty of exercising due care, which thus will allow collective entities to refuse its liability for acts or omissions of third parties on the basis of the act on liability of collective entities for acts prohibited under penalty, as well as to avoid financial loss and reputation’s damages
  • reduction of the risk that the third party will not settle the payment or will not carry out the subject of the contract

Verification of third parties cannot be a collection of incidental, selective actions undertaken on an ad hoc basis

We provide making Due Diligence process structured and formalised

We conduct the verification before the establishment of a business relationship as well as we regularly monitor the credibility during cooperation

You organisation’s interest and safety are our number one priorities – we analyse agreements with third parties and recommend proper safeguard clauses