Legal advisory services provided by the partner law office

Current legal support for entrepreneurs, foundations, associations and other business entities

As part of the partner law office, we provide ongoing legal services to entrepreneurs, foundations and associations, including foreign entities, as well as public and private healthcare entities, with particular emphasis on:

  • handling corporate matters, including legal assessment and preparation of resolutions, applications, orders, instructions, rules and other internal regulations and corporate documents
  • providing opinions, legal consultations and explanations, as well as preparing draft contracts as part of ongoing client service
  • preparing pleadings in civil and administrative proceedings and verifying correspondence in current cases
  • cases in the field of amicable and compulsory debt collection (strategy development and coordination of the entire debt collection process)
  • developing and reviewing draft contracts, annexes, agreements, declarations and other documents related to forming the client's business relationships
  • providing advice, legal opinions and information on the current legal environment, as well as on the interpretation and application of legal provisions
  • analysing the legal conditions and risks related to the planned business ventures of the client, analysing documentation related to the abovementioned projects
  • monitoring of the legal environment of the client's operations and support in the scope of processes taking place in business activity